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Closing Conference of the Project

On Dec 19, KGSC held the closing conference of this project "Improving Institutional Accountability for
the Implementation of the Law on Gender Equality in Decision-Making". This conference aimed to
promote the initiative to achieve the 50:50 gender balance in decision-making positions in public
institutions through improving institutional accountability.
In the conference there were many panelists from different fields where the main speaker was the
President of the country Mr. Thaci, for the purpose of discussing and reviewing ideas about improving
accountability from public institutions on the path towards equal gender representation in decision-
making. The conference panel was composed of the following actors: Hashim Thaçi, President of the
Republic of Kosovo, Hilmi Jashari, Ombudsman, Valdete Daka, Chairwoman of the Central Election
Commission and Nora Latifi Jashari Executive Director of the GAP Institute. It is also worth mentioning
the increased participation of the media during the conference.
Through the organization of this conference, the Kosovo Center for Gender Studies aimed to discuss the
importance of gender equal representation in decision making and analysis of the causes of non-
implementation of this law.
As a result of the conference and the project, KGSC has come up with the following pledges from

  • Electoral reform will be a priority of state institutions in 2018
  • The Law on Gender Equality will be included in the electoral reform package.