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Leadership Training for Young Women

Kosovar Gender Studies Center within the framework of the EU funded project "Young Women Engaged in Political Parties and Political Processes" organized a two-day Leadership Training, with young women (18-30) from different places of Kosova.

The training has gathered participants who have shown motivation and passion for leadership and who already have leadership experiences. This was an interactive training, aiming to identify the biggest difficulties and to reflect on eventual solutions.

Lecturers of this training were Arta Zherka and Garentina Kraja. Some of the topics discussed during Arta Zherka’s lecture were leadership theory, leadership skills, motivation for leadership (individual analysis), emotional intelligence in leadership, leadership based on power, authentic leadership, leadership of the 21st century, the foundations of good leadership etc.

Garentina Kraja lectured on the general overview of women's representation in public policy/public institutions, social and institutional barriers, voting patterns, political activism, regional context, best practices, women's political mobilization for change (watching the clip on the artistic installation "Thinking of You," paying tribute to Kosovo war survivors of sexual violence) etc.